Diann Corbett Johnson

He likes adventure, she likes culture and they have been exploring the world for over a decade together. Married in 2016, Tim and Diann are a world travel couple who share their stories on Voyager’s Tale.

Diann has always been an avid traveller, from many early road trips, to leading hiking & biking treks, a European backpack trip during college, to later island cruises, dive trips and worldwide travel. She has worked as a journalist in broadcast media, a freelance writer & photographer as well as a manager & consultant in the digital realm for many years.


While the blog was created by Diann, who writes, markets & maintains it, Tim is her travel partner and he also loves travel, adventure, photography and diving. He is a pilot and has worked as a DiveMaster in the past, and was into underwater videography before it was “cool.” He was often a cameraman for his brother who worked as an anchorman out west. In his work and for play he has traveled extensively, worldwide.

Voyage: “an act or instance of traveling; a long journey to a distant place especially over water or through the air.”


Tim and Diann, Kauai
Diann in Salzburg, Austria
Tim in Santa Margherite Ligure, Italy
Diann in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
Tim in Milford Sound, New Zealand

Where We’ve Been

As of 2018, collectively, 74 countries and counting, but it’s no race. Sometimes we return to a place we love again and again, like France or Italy.

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