Road Trip in the South of France

Avenue des Anglais, Nice
Old Port of Nice

The South of France includes many areas – the Riviera or Cote d’Azur, Provence, the Alps and the Pyrenees.  We went in September and focused primarily on the southeast corner of France. Like other trips we drove with a GPS unit and were able to make our way around pretty easily.

Old Town Nice
Nice is a beach town but also has historic areas like the old port and old town. Old Town is the place where people go to eat and drink at night with it’s winding stone streets, narrow passages and energizing feel. It’s not too far from the Avenue des Anglais – the city’s well known beach promenade. We were surprised to see American military vehicles parked all over town, later realizing we had arrived on D Day and they were celebrating the allied liberation of Nice.

Eze is a hill town towering high above the Mediterranean. Its about 30 minutes from Nice along the Corniche Moyenne, or the middle road.  It is a beautiful medieval village now devoted to shopping and dining. You can see Cap Ferrat, Villefrance Sur Mer and Eze sur Mer at a distance below.

Table for Two, Chateau Eza

Tim in Eze

We had the tasting menu at the Chateau d’Eza – a hotel and restaurant perched on the cliff. The dining was 5 star and I can’t remember a better view. The other well known Michelin star restaurant is the Chèvre d’Or.


Once home to Princess Grace (Kelly) and still home to the Grand Prix, Monaco is a tiny principality heavily lined with apartment buildings. It’s allure includes the blue ocean, warm breezes and the tax free status given to its citizens.

Tim at the Musee Oceanographic

Princess Grace is buried in the cathedral on the hill by the Prince’s Palace and old town.  The main attraction is the Casino de Monte Carlos and the nearby Hotel de Paris. You can purchase a tour of  the casino if you left your black tie attire at home. Most guests are formally dressed and the minimum bet is $5,000. Another great activity is the Musee Oceanografique, once directed by Jacques Costeau.


Moustiers Saint Marie

Moutiers Sainte Marie
Moustiers is a small village, set against the dramatic pre-apilles, the foot hills of the Alps. It is split down the middle by a waterfall and surrounded by verdant hills, olive trees and vineyards. There is an ancient cathedral, a mountaintop chapel and a star strung up high which legend has it, was put there by a night. For a small town it was lively with a festival and dj in the village square. We felt very welcome and enjoyed our one night stay. Just before you arrive in the city is the Gorge du Verdon. It is a high, rocky mountain pass cut through deep by blue-green water. We rented paddle boats and enjoyed the afternoon.

Cours Mirabeau, Aix e Provence
Artisan Market, Aix en Provence
Diann at a cafe in Aix en Provence

Aix en Provence
Aix en Provence is a beautiful city, set under the shady plane trees with large pedestrian boulevards. There are artisan markets and every type of food imaginable. One of my favorite snacks here was the chips with herbs de provence. The town is the perfect place to site outside in a cafe square shaded by umbrellas and enjoy a Rose. The Cours Mirabeau is an expansive street lined with cafes and regal buildings.  This city was a highlight for us.

Diann in Tim at Cafe La Nuit, Arles
Roman Amphitheater, Arles
Roman Arena, Arles
Rhone River in Arles

Arles was the home of Van Gogh and several Roman monuments. You can visit the setting for the the artist’s Cafe La Nuit painting, it is set in a beautiful little square where you will want to linger.  The houses have brightly colored shutters and flower boxes below – it has the feel of a smaller, southern version of the Montmartre. Also visit the Roman arena, the Roman amphitheater and walk the city wall along the Rhone River.

Pont de Gard, Roman Aqueduct near Avignon
Popes Palace, Avignon

Home to the papal palace, Avignon rivaled Rome for a little over a century as several popes ruled from southern France. They built an impressive palace which provides a tour. Avignon also has a large square in the middle of town with a carousel, jazz musicians and many small cafes. Two side trips are the Fort d’Andre, an impressive fort across the river as well as the Pont de Gard – an in tact Roman aqua duct.

Les Baux de Provence
Four Season Sculpture bu Haas
Light Show, Les Baux de Provence
Provencal Store, Les Baux de Provence

Les Baux de Provence
Les Baux is a city set in the rocks. A citadel sits high above the village, keeping remnants of the noble family who ruled the village. The fields surrounding Les Baux are filled with olive trees, vineyards and mediterranean atmosphere. Two unexpected pleasures were the art installation by Phillip Haus featuring larger than life renditions of the The Four Seasons paintings of Giuseppe Arcimboldo.  Also amazing was the Carriers des Lumieres – an indoor light show which projected hundreds of famous paintings across the walls, pillars, ceiling and flow of an ancient hall.

Carcassonne Medieval Fortress
Carcassonne Guide Book
Diann in Vineyard at Carcassonne

Carcassonne is a 13th century medieval village, completely surrounded by turreted walls. Fit for a princess, one might feel they have entered a Disney movie. The entire city is pedestrian only and is one of the biggest, most in tact medieval fortresses in Europe. The Cite Hotel has a Michelin starred restaurant, La Barbacane. Their tasting menu was exquisite.

Yacht in St Tropez
View from street in St Tropez

St Tropez
St Tropez is made up of a port marina area and a pristine beach on the other side of the peninsula. You can get there by boat or car and expect to see some impressive yachts in the harbor. You can stroll the streets and shop for high fashion clothing.

Antibes Harbor

Antibes was a surprising delight. Another marina town, you will see yachts dotting the harbor against impressive mountains and an ancient fort. There is a walking street with shops, restaurants and gelaterias on the way to the harbor.  There is also a Picasso museum near the walled part of the city. There is also a beach near the marina.



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